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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hannibal page 2

The second and last page of the Hannibal comic, Im not terribly pleased with it, but I just want it done now so this is it I think. Maybe Ill wake up in a good mood before it needs to be handed in and do more to it.
For those of you that cant read it:
Hannibal: Is that what I said
Margot: Yes, I was crying - Do you remember what you told me
Hannibal: That you were no more at fault for what happened -
Margot: - than if I had been bitten on the behind by a mad dog
             You made it easy for me then, and I appreciated it for a while
Hannibal: If you try, you can remember everything we ever said, remember -

So thats it, I had to abbreviate the conversation some just to fit it on the page, but you get the gist

1 comment:

  1. well, it's a lot of dialogue, and one character is stuck to the wall, so it's really hard to make visually dynamic. however, you do. to me the thing that makes this a win is your use of angles and perspectives. i particularly like how the angle switches from the top frame to the bottom, with the three face frames in the middle like a belt. very strong compostition, and the emotion captured in the middle frame is excellent for such a simple image! really really solid work, mike!
    ooh! and the top hannibal and the wall behind him is my favorite part!