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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hannibal Cover

In Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter applies to patent a design for a watch, its Christ crucified done as a watch, like the Mickey Mouse ones. After meeting Clarice for the first time he re-draws it as her. Being in an asylum for the criminally insane he was only allowed markers on butcher paper for art materials, however being Hannibal with his perfect memory and perfect control he can draw anything that way. Well, in the next book Hannibal, the drawing of Clarice as Christ crucified is brought up again, and its an image that has always stuck in my head, so having to do a cover for the comic pages, I thought it would do   

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  1. wow mike. wow.
    i love the simple elegance of it. (i'm really partial to ink art!) it's disturbing and well thought out. i love the texture of the butcher paper. (did you know that big bulks of flat color don't generally print well on book covers- so textures like this- in addition to being visually appealling- are a great tactical choice?) i love the font choices... except there's something about the hannibal font that's irking me... i wonder if you just hand wrote it if it wouldn't look better? or maybe if they weren't all just caps... the middle of the word seems to get lost to me, but i adore the scripted look of it. also, i wonder if you could leave a bit of room around the edges for the trim of the design. i bet the l of hannibal and maybe even some of the author's name would be cut off when going to print... i know it's a class assignment, but jiminey! it's amazing! i'm sorry for the unwarranted crit, but it is just so gorgeous, and i have a big mouth! ohman mike! this is an amazing design! ((thanks for explaining it bytheway, because i would have had no idea!)) ohman, this is a long comment. seriously though man. i love it!!! you better get an A!