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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Finished portrait

Thought I would post the finished portrait of that guy from the navy I was posting the process of last time.
I'm not happy with it really, but I never am.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

More portraits for the Navy

Well look at that, almost a whole month since last I posted something! I have been a very busy boy with this course I am on, just finished the latest module, object oriented design in java, three weeks to learn everything up to an intermediate level, Ill be lucky to retain half of it I think.

Well, this weekend I get to settle into the over-whelming heat to do a commission I got to do a portrait in oils for some guy in the Irish navy.

Apparently they saw the one I did of my Da a long while back and thought it would make a nice gift for whoever the guy is. As always the picture I got to paint from is crap and fuzzy, but what can ya do.

I started this at about 2 pm today and its now 3 in the morning and I'm at that stage where I swing between thinking its OK and wanting to take a knife to it. What do you think? Also, feel free to be jealous of my totally professional studio setting, i.e. the kitchen table.

The center one is a bit terrifying, granted, but everything looks crap in the middle of being done. I always want to stop at the point of having blocked it in with the brown, if I could just do painting like that I would be a happy chappy.

Anyway, apparently some other guys in the Irish version of a Navy are waiting to see how this turns out to see if they want to get commission me for their own, so who knows, maybe Ill be posting more of these.