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Thursday, 7 April 2011


I thought Id do some process pics,  I just started painting this in photoshop tonight to relax and Im tired now so Im sticking up this pic of the first salvo at it, its not based on anything, I just like how its going so far. 


  1. wait! you JUST started this! it's fantastic! so... it's all created in photoshop? very cool! i'm just beginning to learn how to use gimp. it's amazing what these programs can do, huh? :)

  2. Ya, I just started it last night, for about an hour, maybe less, im not really sure, I tend to zone out when I draw

  3. yeah, i zone out too. it's a lovely thing! that's super fast though!
    ok, after you read the email i sent you about replying via email. try to reply to this comment via email! best of luck!