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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hannibal page 2

The second and last page of the Hannibal comic, Im not terribly pleased with it, but I just want it done now so this is it I think. Maybe Ill wake up in a good mood before it needs to be handed in and do more to it.
For those of you that cant read it:
Hannibal: Is that what I said
Margot: Yes, I was crying - Do you remember what you told me
Hannibal: That you were no more at fault for what happened -
Margot: - than if I had been bitten on the behind by a mad dog
             You made it easy for me then, and I appreciated it for a while
Hannibal: If you try, you can remember everything we ever said, remember -

So thats it, I had to abbreviate the conversation some just to fit it on the page, but you get the gist

Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Glamourous Lively Thief, that may or may not be an Elf

Upon reading of a Journal on DeviantArt, I started using this character design engine thingy
Its good fun for when ya just wanna draw something and cant think of anything
I also used a similar site for colour
Takes a lot of figuring stuff out away for when ya just wanna do it for fun and practice.

So anyway, this the sketch and colours, done fairly quickly in photoshop

Hannibal Cover

In Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter applies to patent a design for a watch, its Christ crucified done as a watch, like the Mickey Mouse ones. After meeting Clarice for the first time he re-draws it as her. Being in an asylum for the criminally insane he was only allowed markers on butcher paper for art materials, however being Hannibal with his perfect memory and perfect control he can draw anything that way. Well, in the next book Hannibal, the drawing of Clarice as Christ crucified is brought up again, and its an image that has always stuck in my head, so having to do a cover for the comic pages, I thought it would do   

Page 1 finished

Finished the first page of two that I have to do for college, enjoy all the lectery goodness, let it soak in

Hannibal: I like the smell of that liniment, it smells cool and lemony
               Thank you for coming Margot

Margot: Thats exactly what you said to me when the Matron brought me into your office on the first day...
             When they were doing presentencing on Mason the first time

Monday, 25 April 2011

Hannibal Page 1

I have to do a comic for college, well only a couple pages and a cover, we got to choose any story we like and naturally I went with Hannibal (the book, not the movie) I'v always loved the scene with Hannibal and Margot, body building sister of the evil and deformed Mason Verger, they left her out of the movie for some reason. Anyway, this isnt entirely finished, I still have to add speech balloons and captions and the like and a little more tweaking to the panels. Should finish the other page today and I'v chosen an appropriately innapropriate image from the book as the cover, mainly because it will tie in with another project I have to do. All will be revealed.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fixing photos

On and off now for a long while, I'v been trying to fix some photo's of my nan's. Well, I finally finished them, to the best of my ability anyway. If anyone see's anything that could be fixed or knows a better way to do it, dont be shy and let me know.
Herein lies the original scans and the fixed up pictures, some were only dirty, some were totally wrecked. 

Monday, 18 April 2011

A speed painting I did in two sessions, does that make it not a speed painting, who knows, not I. It took about an hour altogether.
I have been listening to Eckharte Tolle lectures on youtube lately, Iv been reading his books over and over for years in my endeavour to obliterate ego, anyway, I listened to one recently where he talks about presence in creativity, which I loved, so I try to apply that now whenever I create something, I started with this, lets hope it all works out :) and if it doesnt, as Eckharte says, it wont matter.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Art Rage

I got art rage, tried it out and this happened, its a good programme for painting  like real paint, better than the other programmes I have anyway, photoshop and paint tool sai.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Finished it this morning as opposed to last night, for I fell asleep

Monday, 11 April 2011

Nearly there

Should be finished this some time tonight, so stay tuned

Still going

Just added some more character to his face, blood spatters, dirt in pores, beard and the like. Hope to finish this tonight but no harm if I dont. RIGHT, im off to college for the day :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I thought Id do some process pics,  I just started painting this in photoshop tonight to relax and Im tired now so Im sticking up this pic of the first salvo at it, its not based on anything, I just like how its going so far. 


Hello you scamps, this is a portriat I did recently, Im going to be taking commisions in the coming weeks, so If anyone wants one done let me know and we can discuss it (obviously the third eye is optional and the frame was one I had lying around, I dont do frames Im afraid)