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Saturday, 29 March 2014

A portrait of Mistress Beena

I draw Beena a lot, usually she is reading and fidgets a lot which makes it very difficult, but every now and then she does something that requires her to sit still, like sewing!

She still wouldn't keep that one arm still

But even easier is to just use a photo, which I did, this one

Or these three to be more accurate

So I sketched it onto a piece of canvas (a step I forgot to record) and painted over it with some burnt umber acrylic, the burnt umber went a lovely grey when it mixed with the graphite from the sketch, but what harm

Insert paint here

I then set about the joyful task of getting the oils out and in the space of about 2... maybe 3... possibly 4 hours, I dunno, I was totally in the zone, this was the result

Its similar to make-up, but more paint is involved

This was one of those paintings that just worked for me, there are a couple small things I will alter later on, but they don't even bother me that much to be honest which is a rarity in and of itself... maybe I should do this for a living.