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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fixing photos

On and off now for a long while, I'v been trying to fix some photo's of my nan's. Well, I finally finished them, to the best of my ability anyway. If anyone see's anything that could be fixed or knows a better way to do it, dont be shy and let me know.
Herein lies the original scans and the fixed up pictures, some were only dirty, some were totally wrecked. 

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  1. hee hee hee. some of the befores and afters look the same to me, but my head is killing me and my eyes aren't quite working right. so, that's my excuse! :)
    gotta say the second to last and third to last fixes are fantastic. i'm trying to learn photomanipulation right now. but it's not going so well. eeks! :)