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Monday, 25 April 2011

Hannibal Page 1

I have to do a comic for college, well only a couple pages and a cover, we got to choose any story we like and naturally I went with Hannibal (the book, not the movie) I'v always loved the scene with Hannibal and Margot, body building sister of the evil and deformed Mason Verger, they left her out of the movie for some reason. Anyway, this isnt entirely finished, I still have to add speech balloons and captions and the like and a little more tweaking to the panels. Should finish the other page today and I'v chosen an appropriately innapropriate image from the book as the cover, mainly because it will tie in with another project I have to do. All will be revealed.

1 comment:

  1. this art is AWESOME mike!!!!
    i especially love the figure before the window, and the angle of the guy against the wall, and the pattern of the floor!
    can't say i'm familiar with hannibal... is that the silence of the lambs guy?