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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Oisín the poet

Oisín (pronounced ush - een, for those non Irish amongst ye) was the son of Fionn, I drew him already remember. Oisín's story is the saddest of all of them, a sorry end to a great warrior poet. If you want to know more about him you may as well buy a few books and get to reading because there are a lot of different versions of what happened to him, my personal preference is in Lady Gregory's Irish Mythology, my bible. But if you dont want to go to any trouble, check him out on wikipedia link Now they say on there that his son Osgar or Oscar was born and raised on Tir na nÓg, but in most stories he grew up in Ireland and was a member of the Fianna, so I dont know. Its all very confusing

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