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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I have not been getting my art on much lately, I have been sketching a lot but nowhere near as much as usual, nor have I been animating as I should be. Tonight however I was filled with the desire to do something a little more worthwhile, so I started on a promised traditional piece to a friend. I'm sure you all remember the Cúchullain piece from a week or more ago, well its that, but as I said, traditional. So far, just a pencil sketch followed by alot of very faint ink washes until this
Apologies for the poor quality, its an A3 page and my scanner is only A4 so I had to take a picture. I have never been very good at fading my washes away in a smooth gradient, but I'm a lot better than I used to be, so I suppose practice does indeed make perfect. 
That big white line aross the corner is my headphones cable by the way and theres my sexy liquid holding tray at the top, I dont know what it's actually for or where I got it, but it does a great job where it is now.
So just a load more washing to finishing him up, then the easy task of a some complicated knotwork to finish it off that I definitely wont make any mistakes with.