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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Inking away

I got back from Dublin this afternoon, myself and Beena went up for the night to see Batman Live. Great show, go see it if you can. Anyway, on the long drive I did some scribbling and filled my pocket sketch book so I scanned out anything I liked and was inking them there for a bit of practice. So, I present my version of Mr. Hyde (Toby's favourite for some reason) and a cowgirl in the wind

It should be noted, we popped into Forbidden Planet whilst in the big smoke and I bought a wolverine graphic novel drawn by John Romita Jr. His style makes me drool and cry, but I think my inks on Mr Hyde there a direct influence of staring at his work since I got home.

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  1. very cool! it's interesting how studying work you love can change the work you produce!