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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cúchullain again

The greatest warrior of all time, Cúchullain, the hound of Ulster.
He was never a King in life, but in the tale of his death a prophecy is made that on that day 3 kings would die, it is explained to Queen Mebd the three kings were Cúchullain, the king of warriors, Laeg his friend and the king of charioteers and Macha the grey, Cúchullain's horse, the king of horses who went on to kill another hundred or so warriors even after Cúchullain died. I shall do them two next.
After giving Fionn in the previous piece a big giant sword, I thought the savage Cúchullain would be better shown with just bloody fists.
In all the books on Irish myth that I'v read, there has never been a very accurate description of what Cú looks like, even though everyone else is described in great detail. But of the fleeting descriptions, they normally say he was small and of a grim countenance with dark hair.

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