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Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Triumphant Return

I’m back

FINALLY! Internet has been installed in the new place. It was to be delivered first thing this morning so naturally when the guy showed up at 4pm I was in a very calm state of mind, thus, when the box wouldn’t connect I simply laughed and threw my head back, at least that’s what I dreamt, after the red haze and ensuing black out and I woke up, I cleaned the blood up and made some tea, got it working and I’m back on top.
So, on with the art;
First, I was playing with the selection tool in Photoshop and made this
It’s in no way accurate as I didn’t use any reference, but I liked it, so I used the bucket fill and threw a couple gradients over it with some random texture (I think it was bread and ink splatter) and here it is
Far cleaner than my usual stuff, but new and fresh, at least for me.
And now for random sketchiness

As we had no tv or internet, myself and Beena recently watched every.single.episode. of Buffy, a drawing was inevitable, also, it was my idea, I love buffy :D

 Tick Tock is just an idea for a character, I have put no more thought into him other than; A GUY COVERED IN CLOCKS AND A HOOD WOOOOOOOOO! Thats how my brain works.
Also, a pirate captain woman person full of sexiness and apparently made of the boobs, actually they might be emergency flotation devices of some sort… ya that’s it, that totally classes it up (this is sort of commission, which is why… it is)
I have no excuse for this, Beena was watching Aladdin one night, I was sketching away, I drew this and threw some colour on it for fun, I like the light coming in the door though… look at me getting my background on

Well, that’s about it for now, I shall be working on the pirate captain one mostly along with a couple other images which are for a job application in reality, so it’s sort of a commission, in my head anyway. But I'm sure there will be plenty warm up sketches and the like to be posted, and as always, theres my Tuesday post over on Islander Art.

I love you.


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