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Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Beast

So, I woke up today to a beautiful sunny day. I was nearly finished my first character drawing for an illustration competition I was definitely going to win, then when checking the site for the finished illustration sizes, I noticed it. I had misread the entry date.
Well, I wont be able to enter the competition, but hey, at least I can show you this
I will finish this particular piece, paint it up and so on, it should make a nice traditional addition to my portfolio at the very least and hell, I just love this drawing.
The competition it was for was to illustrate a new version of Beauty and the Beast.


  1. Well I love this; I think Pencil suits your style. You should do more work in pencil. I mean the detail you get here is astounding! The shading just blows me away!

  2. Now that is beautiful rendering in pencil, well fucking done man! fantastic stuff! Especially loving the rose and face.