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Friday, 6 May 2011

New sticks

Donagh, one of the lads in college makes me Shilleleghs, mainly because he has access to blackthorn and a chimney thats in use.
The one on the right is one he made me a while back and is cleaned up, its also knobbly, which my other sticks dont like when it comes to training, they get all dented. Donagh makes them the traditional Irish way too, cut from wild blackthorn and covered in butter, then stuck up a chimney for a week, the combination of which blackens and hardens them. The little one on the left is for Beena, I was thinking of rounding the handle to make a nice club, something she could fit in a purse. I discovered pretty quick why the full "hammer handle" has to have the back half cut off, when I tried to use it for Irish stick fighting and nearly broke my elbow.     For anyone interested in Irish stick fighting, some online classes here


  1. Cool man! Great work! Didnt know that was how they were made, if ur friend ever wants to make another decent one, and its not too costly I would drift one off him.

  2. Thats the traditional way to make them, there are other more modern ways of making em now though, to my knowledge it involves oil, lots of oil