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Saturday, 21 May 2011


I thought I should post something, so this is Angua, possibly Corporal Angua, I go back and forth with the books so the ranks get lost on me. Angua is of course one of the City Watch in Ankh Morpork, the main city in the Discworld, from the Terry Pratchett books.
Angua is a werewolf, and just in case anyone is wondering, I didnt design that uniform, I took it from the cover of Men at Arms, the first book with Angua in it. I plan on doing a sort of montage type poster with all the Night Watch's main characters opposing the Silver Horde, with Cohen the Barbarian at the head and Death in the middle.
Here's hoping


  1. dude! that chick's got some guns!

  2. Angua is not looking like that, she is small and skinny. I think you have drawn Conania

  3. I think I was using the cover paintins of Paul Kidby as reference for this one. Thats how he painted her, plus I prefer to draw big healthy women