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Friday, 10 April 2015

Process Vid

I started messing about with recording my morning warm up sessions, so here is one of them for your viewing pleasure!


  1. pretty cool dude, I like how early you get good results. the black and white artist in me loves the starker earlier stages

  2. Damn, forgot again to tick that annoying "notify me" box :(

    1. Lol, not to worry bud. Well probably not that early, I think this one took 40 minutes altogether, I sped it by 8 cos no one wants to watch all that :) I like the black to mid gray as well, the white just makes it pop out though, I have been playing with using limited tones of late, not quite black to, say 25% grey and then pure white very sparingly to really snap attention to certain areas, like the eyes or whatever. Really hard not to get carried away though, as you see, I always end up blending the white out to try and turn the form, cant help it :)

    2. ya I cant blame you, its very hard to control that, I usually cant either, because the rendering and polishing stages are the funniest part!