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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Martial Masters

Working on a series of tonal portraits of martial arts masters from the ages.

Here are the first two.

First the extremely great internal master Bruce Frantzis

Second the man the brought Ip Man back to life Donnie Yen

There are many more to come and they will all eventually be for sale as prints. When that is happening I am sure I will make a post about it :)


  1. Great work man! Great drawing skills and I really like the ink splashes too. Did you get the toned paper in Cork art supplies?

    1. oops forgot to click "notify me" when I get a response, so here im commenting again :)

    2. Thanks man, ya thats the stuff, its 300 gsm card stock I think, so its quite stiff and heavy which I like and it has a nice texture to work on as well

    3. You should give it a bash man, I think you would like it, its quite smooth but with a little texture, I know you like your paper like glass but I think you could stand it :) One thing I did notice is that when its wet with ink it warps, but then straightens out once its dry, which I was delighted about. My teacher Phil is building a site for selling these and the great many others I plan to do as prints and such Its bare bones thus far, but should be fun :)

    4. Cool man, well best of luck with the venture!

      Ya im thinking that too, I think ill pop in next time Im near the art shop in Cork and see if I can pick up a sheet or two to play with, cheers for the tips!