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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Recent sketches

Hello all and sundry, how are your faces? Well I hope.

As the title totally gives it away, here are some sketches from ye olde sketchbook.

I have been mostly rocking the old blue animation pencil, I seem to like it more now than I did back in college

"You're not gonna put this on the internet right?"

For those that despise technology that doesn't work properly and... being the thing

I have been thinking about making a manual for turning lights on and off, just for me

The joys of big boobs and taking the weight off

Anytime I draw a watch or clock, I can never decide what time it should be

See, the body parts are tattooed and make the.... ya you get it


  1. wow man great sketches, especially the nude, the hand with the switches. You practicing a new way of drawing hands?

    1. I followed my usual method of just holding up my own right hand as I was drawing. I have been studying Bridgmans hands as of late, so maybe that is it, I'm sure you saw the pages of them I put on facebook

    2. It reminds me a bit of Burne Hogarth technique of a curved rectangle with a wedge coming off to form the palm. You ever read any of Hogarths stuff?

    3. I'v never read his stuff but I have seen his work to some degree, mostly ink drawings and so on, are his teaching books any good

    4. oh excellent, the best in my opinion, for more advanced drawers. Check out his book "dynamic figure drawing", its great way of looking at the form as shapes together and interacting and also in foreshortening, which is what the book is mostly about. Also his book "Dynamic wrinkles and drapery" is great as well, about the various folds happening in cloth because of actions.