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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Evil Queen Dorgana

I started writing a story when I was teenager, so quite a while ago now, I'v rewritten and changed it a lot over the years and still love playing with it. Most of it has changed since the original incarnation but one character in particular has always remained, the evil Queen Dorgana (although that name is quite new, a little tribute to my girlfriend Beena when she gets mad at me, her second name being Dorgan)
Her story was fairly straight forward stuff, she was a good woman, a healer and living a happy life in the woods until her great love was killed. In her grief she turned to dark arts to try and ressurect him, never succeeding but discovering several things along the way, how to make the undead and how to make herself immortal. All this darkness has clearly taken a toll, her growing big horns and being generally evil  an all.
Here's a guy she doesnt like...

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