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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fixing pictures

My sister is getting married soon and she wants to put pictures of her Grandparents on both sides on display at the afters. The only problem was the only good pictures of our Nan and Granda from Dublin are these;

Now, she wanted them to be standing alone for the picture, the problem was that in the one without the kids their faces a little blurred as its a picture of a picture and it was shot at a downward angle. So I stole the heads from the picture with the kids and transferred them over. The pain then was that in both images, the wedding dress is covering part of Nan's arm. I stole bits of wall from here and there after a little reconstruction I made Nan a sleeve and (apparently) most important of all, removed the cigarette from Granda's hand. Here now is the result of all that;

 I really enjoy rebuilding old photos, lucky me there are a lot in our family so I'm asked to do it often. If anyone out there has any they would like done, I'm more than happy to talk terms, just gimme a shout.

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