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Thursday, 31 March 2011

My first post - Obi Wan

I do love STAR WARS dum da dummmm... anyway, this is Obi Wan doing a spot of training. Iv been trying out a new colouring technique in photoshop, well, new to me anyway. Drawn and inked on paper first, then scanned and coloured in photoshop.


  1. great lines man- love the color palette... but DUDE!!! how did you do that ground?!?!? it's FANTASTIC!

  2. lol thanks, the ground is a texture. Its leather, I brought it into the image in photoshop, desaturated it and played with the levels to give it more depth, then I changed the perspective with free transform and a colour overlay, I think I used gaussian blur too to fade out the sharp edges, cos of course I wanted the focus on obi wan.